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We help individuals and businesses reduce or eliminate the amount of tax debt they owe with a 100% success rate, the highest in the industry. Expert tax professionals at Lakeline Tax offer proven solutions. Resolve your tax issues with confidence.

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Are you facing tax problems that seem insurmountable? Look no further. Lakeline Tax is your trusted partner in resolving tax issues with over 20 years of expertise. Our Enrolled Agents, led by CEO Lakshmi Ramkumar, bring a wealth of experience to provide effective solutions. All of our tax strategies are court-tested and IRS approved to save you tax. We will not recommend a strategy that we do not feel comfortable defending in an audit.

Our Services:

  • Tax Debt Relief: Empowered by a repertoire of IRS negotiations, we champion your cause, securing relief through mechanisms like Offer in Compromise, Installment Agreements, and Currently-Not-Collectible status.

  • IRS Audit Representation: Trust our experts to meticulously guide you through IRS audits, ensuring a robust defense every step of the way. Click here to learn more about our tax representation services.

  • Delinquent Tax Returns: We specialize in navigating the maze of non-filing issues, minimizing penalties, and restoring your financial equilibrium.

  • Tax Lien and Levy Resolution: Safeguard your assets against IRS actions with our adept resolution strategies.

  • Resolving Late Filing of Tax Returns

  • Amending Tax Returns

  • Owed Back Taxes

  • Owed Tax Penalty and Interest: Placing liens and levies are among the options tax authorities have for collecting back taxes. If this has happened to you, Lakeline Tax will work with the IRS to resolve the issue and keep them from seizing your property.

  • Penalty Abatement

  • Innocent/Injured Spouse

  • IRS Installment Plans

  • Currently Not Collectible

  • Tax Discharge & Expiration

  • Unfiled Tax Returns

  • IRS Letters or Notices

Tax Settlement Options

We are experienced in working with the IRS to negotiate several tax settlement options, including:

  • Offer in Compromise: This agreement enables you to settle your tax debt for an amount that is less than what you owe.

  • Installment Agreement: This breaks your total tax debt into many installment payments.

  • Currently-Not-Collectible Status: This means the IRS has removed your account from active collection efforts.

  • Penalty and Interest Reduction: This is possible in some cases. Lakeline Tax will make every effort to help you reduce your obligation.

Our 5 Step Process

  1. Free Consultancy: Initiate your journey toward tax resolution by scheduling a free, no-obligation consultation with our seasoned experts.

  2. Thorough Assessment: Our meticulous analysis culminates in a comprehensive plan of action tailored to your unique situation.

  3. Document Preparation: Lean on our experienced team to compile and prepare all necessary documents, ensuring meticulous attention to detail.

  4. File Submission: Entrust us with the intricate paperwork, as we adeptly assemble a submission packet destined for the IRS.

  5. Final Resolution: We engage with the IRS directly, tirelessly pursuing the final settlement of your tax issues, all while ensuring your peace of mind.

We can help with tax problems if the IRS is not responding to your attempts by…

  1. Drafting letters to the IRS that are guaranteed to get their attention and resolve it.

  2. Acting with direct information with IRS branches where specific matters should be handled.

  3. Negotiating with the IRS to make an end to the tax issues you are having. 

IRS Representation for Notices, Letters, and Audits

Professional Enrolled Agent can be vital during an IRS audit, and our experience with tax authorities enables us to guide clients in their dealings with federal and state agencies. If you have been chosen for an audit, the professional representation you can find with our firm can put many of your worries at bay. We are ready and willing to answer all questions the IRS may be asking of you.

Every year, millions of taxpayers are faced with several tax-related issues, but there is no need to fret over this. Our Enrolled Agents are authorized by the IRS to represent you to fix your tax problems.

When taxpayers receive the dreaded tax notice that their tax return or their business is going to be audited and examined, the first thing they should do is seek professional tax advice. Same thing when taxpayers receive collection letters threatening to levy and garnish their wages or paychecks, or the tax levy letter for their bank account, taxpayers should seek professional tax advice to resolve these tax problems.

The most common options to resolve your tax problems are:
  • Full Payment: Paying the amount on the tax notice and avoiding the confrontation with the taxing authority is usually not the best option since it is highly likely that the tax bill is inaccurate.
  • Paying the Correct Tax Only: Paying the actual amount of taxes, if you can afford, it is usually a good solution to your tax problem. This will entail working with the taxing authority to abate the penalty assessed. The success of penalty abatement is based on reasonable cause and not willful neglect.
  • Installment Agreements: Paying the tax amount through an installment agreement is a common way to resolve your tax problem. You should seek professional tax advice, as the taxing authority will usually request a large monthly payment, while professional tax representatives will work on attaining a reasonable installment agreement and you can live with without causing financial and economic hardship to you and your family.
  • Offer in Compromise: An offer in compromise, or OIC, will usually be accepted by the taxing authority to resolve your tax problem if the amount offered to settle your tax problem is equal or exceeds the taxpayer’s Reasonable Collection Potential (RCP). The IRS, the State, or the Sales Tax Agency determines RCP by using financial analysis tools like 433-A for individuals and 433-B for business entities.

No matter which option is correct to resolve your tax problems, there are usually more than one viable option. The taxpayer must comply with the tax law going forward. That is, all tax returns must be filed timely; all estimated income taxes and payroll deposits must be paid timely.

Expertise: Our Enrolled Agents, equipped with profound insights into tax laws and IRS intricacies, have earned their stripes by consistently delivering favorable outcomes.

Authoritativeness: Acknowledged by the IRS and fortified with industry accolades, Lakeline Tax embodies authority in the realm of tax resolution. We remain vigilant in keeping abreast of the ever-evolving tax landscape to provide spot-on counsel.

Trustworthiness: Our sterling reputation is the byproduct of countless satisfied clients who’ve benefitted from our transparent and dependable service. We pledge to maintain this integrity in every interaction.

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We constantly update our knowledge and keep ourselves current with the latest tax laws and develop new techniques to save our clients the most money on their taxes. Click here to check the Credentials and Qualifications for Tax preparation experts.

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